Zoya Nail Polish Summer Surf Collection! It’s vegan and I love it!

I rarely talk about nail polish! But Zoya is worth chatting about so I’m doing a “Product Review” of their new Summer Surf Collection which they kindly sent me for free (thanks Zoya!). And here’s why I’m excited about it:

1) It’s Vegan!

Vegan??? What could possible not be vegan about nail polish?? Well, a lot of companies test their products on animals, but not Zoya! And you know those pretty frosted shades of nail polish? Most companies get their “frost” from the scales of fish. Who wants to kill a fish for fingernail polish? Not me!! Nor does Zoya. They don’t use ANY animal products in their pretty polishes!

2) Zoya doesn’t use a lot of harsh chemicals!

Zoya Nail Polish is completely free of formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor ~ all of which are toxic. In fact, the Department of Toxic Substances Control just randomly sampled 25 nail polishes from different companies, many of whom claimed to not have these substance in their products, and Zoya was one of only two companies who were actually telling the truth. A+ for Zoya!

3) They have great deals!!

I bought 18 different colors over the past few months and I’ve never paid full price for any of them! Zoya is constantly having new promotions on their facebook page. Sometimes they’ll give away a free bottle as a “flash” promo (those go quick!) or sometimes they’ll have “buy~one~get~one~free” promotions, and sometimes free shipping too! The trick is to pick out polishes in advance and let them sit in your “bag” ~ that way when there’s a promo, you can enter the code super quickly to snag the deal. The codes usually only work once there is nail polish in your “bag.” With over 300 colors to choose from, by the time your pick your colors, the deal is usually gone! So plan ahead! They also have a cool “share the love” program too! And right now, they’ll even put a free bottle of polish in your bag for registering HERE. (You’ll find the free polish code listed in your “Account” under “My Promotion Codes” after you register – not sure how long they’ll have this promo though!)

4) Zoya is long lasting!

This is the first brand of nail polish that I want to change the color before it starts chipping! It really lasts a long time! Great quality!

5) The colors are beautiful!!

You can look at all of the pretty colors on their website! Then when I pick out a color, I always “google” the name of the color and the word Zoya. For example, I may google “Zoya Caitlin” and then click images to see dozens of photos of the nail polish on peoples hands in natural light and indoor light and it really helps me get a sense of what the colors look like! And then when I’m burnt out from studying, it’s always fun to escape and watch “Pink So Foxy” talk about nail polish for a few minutes! Pink So Foxy is a girl who lives in Hawaii and I randomly came across her awesome Zoya Videos while searching Youtube. She’s not vegan, but she sure knows her nail polish and Zoya is her favorite. Just search “Pink So Foxy” on youtube and you’ll find a huge variety of videos that she’s made, including her “Zoya Nail Polish Collection & Swatches” video.

Ok, so some of you are probably wondering, hey, who hacked the My Vegan Journal Blog and is writing for Jackie??! She usually just writes about vegan food, laws and ethics?!! Well, I swear, it’s me! I’m just really excited about this nail polish! We all know vegans are naturally beautiful and don’t need cosmetics. Heck, I’ve gone well over a year without using nail polish! It’s definitely not a necessity. But every once in a while, it’s fun to play with colors… and let the cares of the world melt away for a few moments and just focus on what polish goes with which flip flops…

Speaking of colors ~ Zoya’s 2012 Surf Collection is awesome! They’re beautiful foils inspired by tropical getaways. I wore all 6 of the colors on my fingernails to the Earth Day Festival! Kimber, Carly, Rory, Myrta, Meg and Zuza! And I wore Zuza on my toes! But if I had to pick out my favorite out of these colors, I’d probably pick Rory! It’s so pretty! (picture above, with my wonderful kitty!).

I’ll write more about Zoya soon! There are all sorts of colors that I love… Ok, I’ve had quite a bit of fun chit~chatting about nail polish… alas, back to reality!

Have a beautiful day everyone!