Vegan Marshmallows melted with Wheatgrass Juice….. I know you want some!

So, I’m planning on making yummy vegan holiday cookies this week and thought I’d try to make some scrumptious naturally colored frosting to top them off with! Fruits and veggies are SO colorful! I was sure I could find some vibrant red & green extracts to whip up some festive icing! Alas, I was wrong…

Here’s what NOT to do. Don’t use wheatgrass juice. It’s just too powerful. Even mixed with delicious vegan marshmallows, it just took over and squished any bit of gooey sweetness right of of em’. BAM! “I am wheatgrass and don’t you forget it! ” I took a little taste of it and almost threw up.

Then I tried it again, but with beet juice and although the flavor was mild enough to pass for a sweet icing, the color was far too pink to be a holiday red. And if I’m going to settle for pink, I might as well use something more flavorful & dessert~like for color, such as strawberries or raspberries. So, beets are a no~go as well.

Oh well! I tried. And most importantly: 1) I’m still going to make amazing holiday cookies, with or without the darn natural frosting! & 2) Even though it didn’t work out tonight, I get to go to sleep knowing that no animals suffered or died for my
<--- crappy frosting.
“There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience.” ~ French Proverb

Wishing you a season filled with sweetness!

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