Vegan Chocolate Caramel Cashew Cups?!

Vegan Turtle Cluster Cups!! I randomly came across these yummy treasures at the checkout counter of an organic produce store while driving through Carmel Valley. The bad news? They’re a bit pricey. They’re listed at $36 for a box of 36 at the Sweet Earth Chocolates website. The good news? You can buy one for a buck! Yes, that’s the same price, but psychologically it’s much more affordable & well worth it for such an action packed treat!

It’s been ages since I’ve bitten into a chocolate and had the pleasure of watching a long sticky strand of caramel pull away from my mouth! Mmmm! These scrumptious turtle cups are made with rich, dark chocolate, decadent vegan caramel, crunchy rice crispies and chopped organic cashews. They’re also 100% organic, fair trade, and free of soy lecithin. Too bad I didn’t bite into the treat until we were well on our way to another town or I would have bought more!

If you’ve come across these chocolates before, please leave a comment stating where, so others can find them! So delicious… Just goes to show, vegans aren’t missing out on a single tasty thing these days! Our hearts are warm and our tummies are full. Have a safe and wonderful Halloween weekend, my friends.

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  1. Winter
    October 30, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    omg that looks sooo freaking good

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