Trader Joe’s Introduces a New Vegan Wine

vegan wineI have to admit, it’s the name of the new vegan wine that first grabbed my attention: Pacific Grove.  That’s my hometown! Pacific Grove, California – Butterfly Town, USA.

I thought, “Oh, please, oh, please, let this wine be vegan!”

What could possibly make a wine not vegan?

Sadly, many wineries use fining agents such as egg whites or isinglass (aka: fish bladders!) in order to get the particulates out of the liquid. Thankfully there are other, cruelty-free options. And lucky for wine drinkers, Pacific Grove Winery uses one of them!

Pacific Grove Chardonnay, described as “crisp, creamy and full-bodied,” is clarified by using bentonite, a very fine clay from aged volcanic ash. When added to water, it becomes positively charged and attracts the negative ions in the wine particulates, making them easy to remove.

Sure beats using the bladders of our friends in the sea.

Clear chardonnay for you, and the fish get to live. I’ll drink to that! [Jackie raises her cup of hot tea]

Prefer the bubbly? Here are a few options for vegan champagne: Dom Perignon, Moet & Chandon, Korbel Natural Champagne (make sure it’s the one that says “natural”) and Lanson.


Jackie Day