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Thanks to Popular Demand, McDonald’s Launches a Vegan Burger in the USA!

ShareAfter a successful run of the McVegan Burger in Finland and Sweden, McDonald’s has launched a vegan burger in the United States! Even if you’re not a fan of McDonald’s, you’ve gotta admit: it’s a step in the right direction, and the animals are darn tootin’ happy about that! The McVegan Burger in Europe is made with a soy patty… Read more →

McDonald’s has Supersized Problems and I’m Lovin’ It!

ShareMisery, heartbreak, disease, factory farming, environmental destruction, obesity, manipulation, death, poverty and waste. These are the first ten thoughts that passed through my head as I envisioned the disgusting, saturated fat filled, hormone infested, cholesterol laden patty-formed slop served at McDonald’s. Sure, folks have the choice to not eat there, and we’re big on choices here in the USA, so… Read more →