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Vegan No More! JUST, Inc. Serves Dead Pigs and Fish at “JUST Eggs Party” [by Jackie Day]

Share Vegan party goers, celebrating a launch of vegan “JUST Eggs,” last night were horrified to learn that the hors d’oeuvres were made with bacon and fish – and we’re not talking VEGAN bacon and fish (which does exist), but rather the flesh of dead animals. When confronted online about serving bacon and fish, and asked if they were “an ethical… Read more →

FDA Gives Green Light To Hampton Creek’s Just Scramble 100% Plant-Based Eggs!

ShareGreat news! Hampton Creek just announced that the protein in their highly anticipated “Just Scramble” vegan eggs has been given the thumbs up by the FDA, clearing the way for its debut! According to Hampton Creek Communications Director Andrew Noyes, “Hampton Creek has just been notified by the FDA that our submission for mung bean protein isolate nicknamed ‘Jack’ has been… Read more →

Best Foods Plasters The Word Vegan All Over Its New Mayo

ShareUnilever’s lawsuit against Hampton Creek over the use of the word “Mayo” for an eggless mayonnaise is old news. But the new label on Unilever’s Best Foods “Mayo” is super cool new and fantastic news, and I’m darn tootin’ happy about it! Best Foods new “mayo” aka: carefully crafted “spread” label screams VEGAN louder than any Hampton Creek label, I assure… Read more →

Hampton Creek Announces 43 New Products!

ShareWell, the moment we’ve been waiting for is here! Hampton Creek, creator of the infamous Just Mayo, just announced it’s rolling out 43 new plant based products – 38 of which are not mayo! According to an article published today in Fortune Magazine, the new products include: mixes for brownies, cakes, pancakes, and muffins! And creamy, cruelty-free salad dressings too.… Read more →

Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo can Keep Its Name, says FDA!

ShareHampton Creek just scored big today, along with the animals, the environment and global health too! The company, which continues to expand at a momentous speed, hit a bump in the road when it received a warning letter from the FDA last August. The agency believed Hampton Creek was misleading consumers by labeling their eggless product “Just Mayo” because mayonnaise is… Read more →

Hampton Creek Expands From Tiny 300 Square Foot Apt to 93,000 Sq. Ft. Headquarters in Just 3 1/2 Years

Share Hampton Creek, known for their controversial (but delicious!) eggless Just Mayo, has just expanded their headquarters to a new 93,000 square foot space – proof that despite the American Egg Board’s efforts to hinder Hampton Creek’s growth, the company continues to expand at a momentous, unprecidented speed.   The expansion comes on the heels of brokering a deal to… Read more →