Silk Breaks Away from Dean Foods and Introduces Creamy Cashew Milk!

silk cashew milk

This is SO exciting!

First, just so everyone is clear, Silk parted ways with Dean Foods last May. When I went to the Natural Products Expo last April and told a Silk rep that people were still upset that Whitewave was sold to Dean Foods 10 years ago, I was told that the shareholders had just voted to separate – and that’s just what they did!

Dean Foods is the largest producer of dairy products in the entire country, and it’s understandable that many people were avoiding Silk because they didn’t want to support Dean Foods.  I still purchased Silk products, and wrote a post on why, which you can read HERE. But for those of you who were holding out, rest assured, Silk is now owned by Whitewave Foods, a separate, publicly owned company – and it’s for the best!

silk cashew milk ingredients

As Steve Demos (a vegetarian who originally founded Whitewave with a $500 loan!) told the Denver Post, the separation “gives the company the freedom as a stand-alone entity to carve out its own destiny without the shadow of a parent company. When the parent company is a commodity business and the subsidiary is a value-creation business, the business practices and the business cultures will be different. Separating these two is sound.”

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way!! They just introduced Silk Cashew Milk at the Grocery Innovations show in Canada! YES! I love cashews and I’m always happy when there’s another plant based option out there for folks to enjoy. Especially with all the naysayers who seem to have something disconcerting to say about every vegan milk on the planet.

First they said drinking soy milk would give men boobs (but who cares about the cholesterol and saturated fat in their dairy milk, right?! Antibiotics and hormones anyone? Mmmm!).  Then they said it takes a bagillion trillion gallons of water to produce one tiny almond (who cares that it takes several thousand gallons of water to produce one pound of meat, eh?). I wonder what they’ll say about cashew milk?! It’s really made from cow shoes? Who knows!!


water to make burger

All I know is Silk Cashew Milk has arrived on  planet earth and as soon as I see it, I’m buying it! It’s GMO free too! And for those worried about carrageenan: there is NO carrageenan!! None! I’m not too worried about carrageenan – it’s made from seaweed – but I do understand why some folks are. To each her/his own on that one! And just like their almond milk, it has 50% more calcium than dairy milk!  AND 50% of your daily recommended value for B12.  HURRAY!

Now I just need to find some! And if you’ve already found it, consider me jealous!!!

See y’all on twitter, facebook and pinterest! Have a healthy day! And if you want some free silk almond milk, check out the link I posted on the MVJ coupons page! They’re giving away 700 a day!

*Always check the nutrition label of products for the most up to date ingredients – you never know when things will change, so it’s always good to be extra safe and read labels.



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