And the most beautiful veggie of the day award goes to… Glass Gem Corn!

I can’t believe how beautiful this corn is! Seedsman Greg Schoen got the seeds from Carl Barnes, his “seed teacher” who lives in Oklahoma. He’s of Cherokee heritage and an octogenarian. And sadly that’s about all I know!

(Photo Credit: Bill McDorman, Seeds Trust) —>

As far as the coloring goes, when seeds exhibit this pattern it’s likely due to a phyllotactic defect where regular columns of kernels suddenly make a checkerboard pattern and then go back to columns again. I wanted to share more information about this corn with you – because it is SO out-of-this-world beautiful, but the photo has gone viral and their website is currently receiving so many “hits” right now that I can’t access it. If you’d like to get more information – visit SeedsTrust dot Com and hopefully it will be up and running again soon!

I’d certainly love to have some of this corn… but honestly, I think it may be too pretty to eat!

Isn’t nature wonderful?? Simply beautiful!