Mean Green Juice from “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”

My friend Christine just made a “mean green” juice with the new juicer she bought yesterday! I don’t have a juicer, but I’m sure I’ll be making one of these as soon as I get one! I also need to watch the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” I hear it’s awesome!

How cute is little Joey?! The green juice looks great, but I have to admit, I’m posting this because her pup is just so darn tootin’ adorable! Animals are the BEST!

Mean Green Juice:
4 sticks of celery
1 cucumber
6 kale leaves
2 green apples
Inch cube of ginger
Half a peeled lemon.

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  1. Marianne
    April 13, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Any juicer recommendations? I am considering buying one, too.

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