Here’s how to get FREE Almond Milk & a few words about Dean Foods

Hello Everyone!

Here’s how you can get some free Silk Almond Milk! But first, a quick little background…

Silk is owned by Dean Foods, and Dean Foods is not my favorite company. Far from it. They’re one of the leading processors and distributers of dairy milk, and we all know that means they are responsible for horrific cruelty to animals.

When dairy cows can no longer give milk, they face the same sharp blade as those raised and killed for burgers. And baby male calves that are born to dairy cows are torn away from their mothers within 48 hours of birth and sent to the “veal” industry where they are kept in tiny metal crates, in 23 out of 24 hours of darkness, unable to turn around, so that their flesh will stay anemic – because sadistic people don’t want them to build muscles – they want their “veal” pale and soft.

Silk was founded by vegetarian Steve Demos in Boulder, Colorado in 1978. He started off by making tofu in his apartment kitchen with a $500 loan.

And here’s the scoop… Shelf space is VERY expensive in supermarkets. Usually the prime “eye level” spots are reserved for those who can pay BIG bucks. So in 2002, Whitewave (SILK) was sold to Dean Foods. Demos thought his plant based product would reach far more people if it was promoted by Dean Foods, and he was right. In early 2000, it was difficult to find non-dairy milk in mainstream U.S. supermarkets, but now SILK is in over 90% of them. Dean Foods can afford the pricey shelf space – and plant based milks are everywhere. The sale was an economic and strategic decision, and it worked. SILK is in everyones face these days, and that’s the way I like it. Yes, it’s owned by a dairy company, but for every carton someone buys of SILK, that’s one carton of dairy misery they’re not buying.

It’s also one more carton to replace on the shelf shouting “Almond Milk is BETTER than Dairy!!”

Have you checked out what the carton says? It’s VERY anti-dairy!

* Absolutely no cholesterol or saturated fat, unlike milk
* 50% daily value of antioxidant vitamin E, while milk has none.
* 50% more calcium than dairy milk

It also has just as much vitamin D as dairy milk and lots of B12 for us vegans. To top it off, SILK is GMO free – and verified by the NON GMO PROJECT.

I buy a variety of plant based milks – thankfully there are many delicious ones out there… but unlike some vegans, when I buy SILK I don’t feel like I’m supporting the dairy industry – instead I feel like I’m buying commercial advertising space to SLAM the horrific dairy industry.

I also feel like I’m encouraging Dean Foods to invest in the production of more plant based milks, and decrease their production of dairy milk. That’s just how I feel about it – but I respect those who decide they don’t want to buy SILK. As long as you’re not buying dairy milk, it’s A-OK with me!

Ok, that’s a LOT of (albeit important) chit-chat for a darn coupon, right? Well here ya go: Here’s a coupon for $2 off a quart or 1/2 gallon of SILK – you simply need to “register” and answer a few question on their page. I saw quarts on sale for $1.99 this week at Ralph’s – and I know the big half gallon sizes often go on sale for $2.99 or less. So that means you can get a quart for FREE or a 1/2 gallon for almost free. So if you have qualms about buying SILK almond or soy milk, here’s your chance to get some – without contributing a penny to the company.


(there are more recent developments re: Silk! They’re no longer owned by Dean Foods! You can read about it HERE!)

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  1. goobygirl
    October 23, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    I find almond milk pretty darn easy to make. I use blanched almonds (blanch my own if I have to) and pulverize them in my vitamix 4 cups water to one cup almonds. Strain in nutmilk bag, add some sea salt, real vanilla flavoring and a little stevia (sometimes I’ll add a little oil for mouth feel). If you are in a pinch, make almond butter first (almonds and oil) and keep in fridge. Then just add a little almond butter to water and repeat the process above. Almond butter keeps a long time and is easy to use once it is made.

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