Happy 3rd Anniversary to ME and my Husband!

Three years ago today, at age 45, I ran off to the beach in my 50 dollar kids’ size 14 “wedding” dress and flip flops and married my TRUE love!

We said our wedding vows, exchanged our silver wedding bands and sealed our everlasting love with a big smooch in the ocean breeze.

Then we played around on the sea shore, fell in the ocean (well I did at least!) and mixed sand from the beach from his home town with the sand from the beach of my hometown into a little heart shaped glass jar ~ never to be separated again.

We slowed danced to Uncle Kracker’s “You Make Me Smile” in our bare feet in the wet sand…

and we even had a little vegan wedding cake! —>

So simple. So inexpensive. And so perfect!

I love LOVE!

Happy 3 Year Wedding Anniversary to Us!

I am so grateful for my respectful, witty & loving husband, today and forever!

And now, off to the mountains… have a beautiful day everyone! xoxo