Gotta Love Dan Piraro

Did you know Dan Piraro, the creator of Bizarro, is Vegan? Here’s the cartoon & quote he released today:

“I’m not a fan of holidays that are about “thanks” and “blessings” that incorporate mass slaughter of innocents. I know most of you think that I’m crazy for wanting to give birds the same right to live an unmolested life as we human mammals (apart from the necessary and natural balances of nature, which our mass farming and slaughter falls as far from as humanly possible) but that’s just who I am. I’ll be eating plant-based foods tomorrow and being thankful for that.”

And here’s another awesome quote from Dan PIraro:

“If you caught your kid raising cats in tiny boxes, forcing them to live in their own feces without clean air or sunlight, pulling their teeth and claws out with pliers to keep them from hurting each other…you’d rush him to a psychiatrist. But you support that very behavior every time you buy meat, eggs, dairy or fur.”

They say women usually have “wit” on the top of their list for attractive attributes in the men they seek. Well, Dan is witty at its best! Funny with a big heart. What’s not to love?

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