Girl Scouts Thin Mints are Now Vegan! Say, whaaaaat??!

thin mints


Ok, I don’t like GMOs.  I prefer to avoid palm oil even if it’s from a sustainable source. I’m trying to eat less processed foods.  And sadly, I don’t even like mint unless it’s in the form of a fresh leaf.  But HECK, hearing the news that Girl Scouts Thin Mints are now vegan has me bouncing off the walls!! I know just how popular these cookies are, and the thought of thousands of Girl Scouts selling vegan cookies across the country has me smiling ear to ear!

They also have a few other vegan options too, all of which are made by ABC Bakers:

Lemonades: shortbread cookies stuffed with light lemon icing

Thanks-A-Lot: shortbread cookies dipped in fudge

Cranberry Citrus Crisp: Crispy cookie, made with whole grain, tangy cranberry bits and zesty citrus flavor

vegan thanks-a-lot cookies

So hurray for vegan Girl Scouts cookies!!! They sure weren’t vegan when I was a Girl Scout many moons ago! And they even put a green VEGAN label on their website’s nutritional info lists too – to make it easier for consumers!  And whether you’re a fan of thin mints, or not, you’ve gotta admit… it’s a HUGE step in the right direction.  And the animals and environment are darn tootin’ happy about it.

As always, double check ingredients lists whenever purchasing any food item, as things can always change…  See y’all back on the My Vegan Journal Facebook page & Twitter! Have a delicious day!