Every Bite You Take And Every Dollar You Spend Casts A Vote For The World You Wish To Live In

vote-with-your-forkYep, it’s true.  You don’t have to wait another four years to cast a vote, or change the world. Every bite you take, and every dollar you spend, casts a vote for the type of world you wish to live in.

Consider this:

The Environment

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) – AKA, factory farms, produce over a billion tons of waste each year. The environmental devastation from Big Ag runs far and wide.  The Chesapeake Bay is just one of over 400 “dead zones” thanks to toxic run off from the meat and dairy industries. Anyone want to pick up the $19 billion tab for clean up? I didn’t think so.

Vote with your fork and go vegan; you can vote with your next meal, beverage, or snack. The less money we give to factory farms, the better off our environment will be. Yes, it’s truly that simple.


The Animals

It’s obvious that you can save animals by not eating them, but did you know you can save animals by buying cruelty-free cosmetics and household cleaners, too? The United States doesn’t require that ANY cosmetics be tested on animals, and there are thousands of already “approved” cleaning ingredients, so there’s no reason to continue subjecting animals to pain, suffering and death.

No one should have to bleed to get our laundry clean

Want them to stop? Then just cast your vote with your pocketbook and buy cruelty-free cosmetics and cleaners. The more cruelty free products we buy, the less animals will have to needlessly suffer. Here’s a list of cruelty-free laundry soap to get you started, and a free cruelty-free shopping guide, too.

vegan_forksThe People

One in 9 people go to bed hungry every night, despite there being plenty of food in our world to eat. The problem is, we give the grain to factory farm animals, instead of people, and then people get heart disease, cancer and strokes from eating the animal products. It’s a crazy circle that has created the first generation of adults who won’t live as long as their parents.

The impoverished die because they’re hungry, while Americans balloon out of control with food that kills them.

We have the power to stop the cycle; just cast your vote by buying plant-based foods. The more you buy, the more the industry will create. Instead of crappy saturated fat-filled, cholesterol laden fast food in every aisle and on every corner, the industry will continue moving towards healthier, fresher plant-based fare for all. We can do it. And we already are.

Remember, if there’s no demand, the supplier will simply shift their business, create a new product, and find profits elsewhere – just like they did with “laser disks,” “floppy drives” and “8-track-tapes” that no one wants anymore. Only this time, we’re saying buh-bye to products produced at the expense of the animals, the environment, and our wellbeing.

Let’s get out the vote each and every day. The power is in our hands.  Let’s use it!

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