Earthbound Farm Reusable Grocery Bag Giveaway (it’s pretty!)

earthbound farms giveawayJust thought to let everyone know that it’s that time of year again… when Earthbound Farm gives away beautiful, reusable grocery bags.  I got one a few years ago, and still use it. It’s one of my favorite grocery bags, and very pretty! Super sturdy too.  It looks like this year’s bag will have a big photo of colorful swiss chard on it.


All you have to do is take a super short earth day themed quiz; it took me less than two minutes. Here are the complete rules, too. Hurry though… once 12,000 folks get their bags – that’s it! If you miss out, I think you’ll still get a coupon that you can use towards Earthbound Farm products though – so that’s nice!

Straight from the Earth_Acorn SquashEarthbound Farms will also be sending “mystery shoppers” out to visit grocery stores across the nation and randomly paying for all the food in people’s grocery carts (up to $400!) if they’re stocked with “earth friendly” products. You can find out more details on the rules page, and you can see what stores they’ll be visiting on which dates, here.  Good luck!


If giveaways don’t float your vegan boat, here’s a yummy acorn squash with crispy maple pumpkin seeds recipe you might like! I posted it when I wrote about the new Earthbound Farms Cookbook last fall.


I was about to close by saying, “Happy Almost Earth Day!,” but we all know… every day is Earth Day! See y’all back on the My Vegan Journal facebook, twitter and pinterest pages!  Cheers!