3 Ingredient Vegan Frozen Banana Bites! And a Jar of Vegan Peanut Butter Cups, Spoonful Style!

Share I’ve been meaning to make these forever, but just got around to it this weekend! I really wanted to buy the frozen banana bites I saw at Trader Joe’s, but then I noticed they have palm oil in them. While technically palm oil is vegan because it’s from a plant, I’m still trying to avoid it because the harvest… Read more →

The Dirt on Vegan Gardening

ShareIt’s been quite a while since I’ve had enough space to have a vegetable garden.  For the past several years, I’ve made do with potted plants on balconies and narrow porches, but alas, we recently moved and I finally have some space… and I thought to share with you a few things that came to mind as I was enjoying… Read more →

My Super Easy and Delicious Vegan Spinach Smoothie that even a King would approve of!

Share Oooh, this came out so good! I wanted to try out my new glass straws today, so I made some super sweet and healthy spinach smoothies! I used organic blueberries (phytonutrients & vitamin C!), bananas (potassium & manganese!), raw spinach leaves (vitamin A!), vanilla almond milk (calcium!), vanilla extract (it just tastes good lol!), almond butter (protein!) and flax… Read more →