Baileys Ditches Dairy With Their New Almond Milk Liqueur Due To Consumer Demand

baileys almond milkWell, here’s something to toast to! Baileys, makers of the infamous Baileys Irish Cream, has decided to ditch dairy milk in their latest creation and embrace a vegan addition instead: almond milk! The new liqueur is set to hit store shelves next month!

Anxious to hear the “why” behind it all, I spoke with a representative at Baileys and was told it was due to the shift towards plant-based foods. It’s what folks are asking for. I was told it’s because Baileys wants to “get with the times.” I almost felt silly for even asking.  Duh, of course that’s why! Guess I just wanted to hear it again. Music to my ears!

Good news like this never gets old.

Times they are a changin’. Stay in the loop for all the vegan scoop, right HERE. Cheers!