44 Vegan Lunch Ideas!

I posted a picture of my delicious vegan sandwich on the My Vegan Journal Facebook Page, and MVJ “fans” were kind enough to share what they were eating for lunch too! Although we couldn’t all sit around at a giant table & enjoy the feast (how awesome would THAT be?!), it was really nice to see what a HUGE variety of vegan lunches everyone was enjoying around the world! Check it out! Everything sounds good to me!

I also posted a few of my lunch pictures! From top to bottom: My Tofurky Avocado Sandwich, my Black Bean Salad with a homemade vegan seeded mustard dressing (here’s the easy recipe!), A Tofurky Sausage (Vegan “Field Roast Grain Meat” Apple~Sage Sausages are great too!) with a baked potato, avocado and organic spinach & carrots and homemade Organic Udon Noodle Soup with Tofu and Kale! Seriously, there’s no shortage of vegan food for lunch! I eat vegan black bean tacos for lunch all the time too! SO good!

1) I just enjoyed a super scrumptious lightly toasted Tofurky & avocado sandwich on rye with some crunchy organic carrots & grapes for lunch! ———————–>

2) I ate an Amy’s vegan spinach pizza for lunch 🙂

3) One of my go-to favs, quesadilla! veg refried beans, green onion, green chiles. dip in hot sauce! (on corn tortillas, so it’s also gluten-free)

4) Tofurky with tomato, raw onion, tofutti cheese slice, veganaise on some good toasted bread! ill have to try avocado on it sometime, sounds really good

5) i had a bowl of potatoes kale and falafel lol

6) I made Upside Down Lentil Shepherd’s Pie with Caulipots from Appetite for Reduction for a week’s worth of lunches. Half a serving fills me right up!

7) i had leftover whole wheat pasta with garden veggie marinara, sweet peas, and lentils.

8 ) Spaghetti squash w roasted garlic and grape tomatoes and steamed asparagus yummmm

9) vegetable brown rice sushi and some soy chips

10) Veggie wrap with pinto beans, tomato, peppers, onion, and some nacho moms queso.

11) grain bowls on the menu all week!

12) Very Veggie Soup and a rice cake with chocolate peanut butter on it.

13) Taco salad with black beans, romaine, homemade salsa, guacamame, and crumbled up tortilla chips. Delicious!

14) Went to a favorite Mediterranean eatery with my Hubby and shared hummus and pita, falafel, vegetarian grape leaves, and a 3 bean salad. Yum!

15) Quesadillas…mushrooms, onions, red bell pepper, zucchini, veggie cheese, with avocado on top.

16) whole wheat pita with spinach, tomato, sauteed onions, avocado and gardein chick’n filets with baked sweet potato on the side 🙂

17) Kale Waldorf salad. I make it every week. Delicious!! Recipe from whole foods.

18) I too had Tofurky, avo and dill pickle sandwich. My cat shared my Tofurky. Tonight leftover nut loaf, yumm!

19) I had leftover eggplant Parmigiana. Tonight I am making hummus and sprouts wraps!

20) Sweet potato & black beans with cilantro, salsa and avocado

21) I steamed snap peas, carrots and mushrooms then tossed them with chreese (vegan cheese sauce made with nooch)… it’s an easy way to enjoy veggies and get loads of vitamins!

22) salad of black beans, quinoa, cucumber, tomato, radish, orange bell pepper, carrots.

23) I had a tomato basil wrap with hummus, hemp seeds, avocado, mushrooms, cucumber, red and green onions, an array of lettuces/spinach, and jalapenos. Perfect lunch to take with you and eat on the run! Followed it with mandarin oranges. 🙂

24) Kale salad

25) I had a chick pea veggie burger with avocado and grilled onions an a super greeny side salad. : )

26) Leftovers for me! Crispy sauteed tofu, peppers, onions, and kale in an orange teriyaki sauce over brown rice 🙂

27) Tofu, sour cream and onion kale chips, salad and sweet potato fries.

28) I had carryout pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) and a vegan cupcake for dessert. Yum.

29) “Tofuna” salad! Baked tofu crumbled with veganaise, dill and a splash of balsamic vinegar on crackers! (and a side of strawberries)

30) Lettuce, tomato, onion and avocado sandwich on sourdough, pickled jalapenos on the side.

31) Dal (lentils) and brown and wild rice. Organic apple with organic peanut butter, carob, and hemp seeds. Easy peasy.

32) Had some gluten free vegan mac and cheese made with daiya cheese….delish!!

33) I made “fried” rice with brown rice, broc, carrots, corn, peas, ginger and soy sauce. It was yum!

34) Smart Deli roast turkey sand on whole wheat bread with a side of pears 🙂

35) homemade “grawnola” with vanilla almond milk

36) We just had cucumber sandwiches (my daughters favourite) carrot sticks and hummus!

37) a vegan Boca burger with homemade guacamole and ll of the veggie toppings..and a side of more homemade french fries…

38) Flatbread hummus and veggies sandwich for lunch… soon vegan pasta for dinner!

39) We’re having turnip and potato soup with a veggie stirfry (using up everything in the fridge!)

40) Tofurky hickory smoked slices with veganaise on a lovely multigrain bread from Eugene City Bakery here in town, dressed up with spinach and greens, shaved rainbow carrots, slivered cabbage and sunflower sprouts.

41) I am learning to cook. I never knew or wanted to know how until I went vegan. I had stir fry. A tad amount of olive oil, garlic, brocolli, carrots, red peppers, soy sauce, spices, and toasted seasame seeds. It was very good and my first attempt at stir fry (but I have watched my husband make it a thousand times).

42) Chana Masala served on quinoa! I LOVE indian food!

43) i just made a shake for lunch, so delicious coconut ice “cream”, splash of coffee, and bananas…delicious!

44) i had high fiber noodles with soy sauce and sesame seed oil topped with baked breaded eggplant! and peaches on the side!

Still craving more?!! Well then here are 66 MORE Vegan Cooking Ideas! And some vegan recipes too! and if there’s a vegan lunch idea you’d like to add, feel free to leave it in the comment section below or on the My Vegan Journal Facebook Page! The more the merrier! Have a happy, healthy and delicious day! xoxo

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