10 Vegan Laundry Detergents because No One Should Die for a Load of Laundry

Vegan Laundry DetergentJust thought to whip up a quick post to let you know when it comes to cleaning your clothes, you don’t have to use laundry detergent that’s tested on animals, nor do you need to use products that contain animal bits and pieces.

Why on earth would anyone want to kill animals to clean clothes?


Sadly, the manufacturers of Tide, All, Gain, Surf, Bold and many other detergents conduct antiquated experiments on animals to tell us things we already know: Don’t eat detergent (duh!), and only use components in detergent that are safe or you might have an allergic reaction.

How do we know what’s safe? We know what’s safe because SO many cruelty-free detergents already exist, and are being used without any problem – with simple ingredients intended to safely clean our clothes – rather than a laundry list (pun intended) of harsh chemicals and preservatives. Just stick with the ingredients in these, and all will be well – for everyone.

trader joe's vegan detergent

Here are a few vegan laundry detergents that are easy to find:


1. Trader Joe’s Liquid Laundry Detergent: I bought it at, you guessed it, Trader Joe’s!

2. Ecos Natural Laundry Detergent: I bought a jumbo size for a good price at Costco!

3. Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent:  I bought it at Target. If you’re interested in reading more information regarding Seventh Generation’s opinion on animal testing, check out my interview with Seventh Generation CEO, John Replogle.

ecos vegan detergent


4. Whole Food’s Market Organic Laundry Detergent: I found it at, yep, Whole Foods Market. Didn’t buy it though because I already had lots of laundry detergent lol. But it looks good to me!

vegan laundry detergent whole foods market

I did buy their vegan dryer sheets though! They smell beautiful!

As you can see, vegan laundry detergent is pretty easy to find.

Here are a few more options for you too – none of which contain animal ingredients, and none have been tested on animals.

5. Method Laundry Detergent

6. Mrs. Meyers Laundry Detergent

7. Ecover Laundry Detergent

8. Biokleen Laundry Detergent

9. Nature Clean Laundry Liquid

10. Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap (Here’s a little “cheat-sheet” if you’ve never used castile soap before.)


vegan dryer sheetsSome of the laundry detergents are also available online (links above), however, I’ve found that they’re often sold at a better price at the store, especially if you can find a coupon – it really just depends – so compare prices and make the best choice!

No one should suffer for our clothes to be clean; it’s SO easy to be vegan! Here’s to a happy, healthy life that’s filled with compassion for all!

Need more cruelty-free tips and inspiration?  Check out my new book, The Vegan Way!

Jackie Day, Author of The Vegan Way: 21 Days to a Happier, Healthier Plant-Based Lifestyle That Will Transform Your Home, Your Diet, and You (St. Martin’s Press / Macmillan)