West Hollywood City Council Bans Wool and Fur!

After a 7 hour long city council meeting that went into the early hours of the morning, members voted 5-0 to ban the sale of personal attire made of wool, animal hair or fur!

West Hollywood has a history of being animal friendly and has long referred to “pets” as companions and “owners” as guardians. In 2003, West Hollywood banned declawing cats and in 2010, West Hollywood banned stores from selling dogs and cats from puppy mills.

How awesome is this city?!

Some people will rant that this is yet another ordinance that strips away a person’s freedom of choice. But you can nip that overused and undereducated response right in the bud. We don’t have the freedom to do anything we please, and we never have.

Adults don’t have the legal freedom to have slaves or drive drunk and children don’t have the legal freedom to vote or ditch school. We have rules and regulations that we, as citizens, enact through initiatives or by voting officials into office to represent us, and in this case, they have represented the people very well.

Compassionate, educated people no longer want to be responsible for the anal electrocution of animals for a fur coat. They no longer want to allow nails to be stripped out of a cat’s paw, making it excruciatingly painful to use a kitty box and forcing the cat to become defenseless in the face of harm. (How many people do you know of who would like to have all their fingernails extracted?)

With approximately 4 million homeless dogs and cats being killed each year (that’s about 1 every 8 seconds!), it’s simply selfish and cruel to breed more animals in puppy mills, knowing so many animals are facing death due to overpopulation.

John D’Amico, the councilman who sponsored the fur ban ordinance, is on a mission to establish West Hollywood as the Humane Capital of the United States and hopes other cities will follow. I think he is well on his way!

Congratulations, West Hollywood!

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