VegNews Magazine’s Legal Battle is Over! Publication Resumes!

FREE VegNews MagazineHere’s a little bit of good news for folks like me who really missed their monthly delivery of VegNews Magazine! After a long legal battle between the magazine’s two co-founders, Colleen Holland has created a new company called Fresh Healthy Media, and now owns all assets of VegNews Magazine.  And it’s up and running again!

Holland acknowledged the lack of communication between readers during the heated litigation process, and explained, “legal restrictions prohibited me from making statements about the status of the magazine and your subscription.”   Moving forward, Holland hopes to regain everyone’s trust in the magazine again.

Break-ups are messy and what’s done is done. I don’t need any time for VegNews to regain my trust. I know the world is a better place with this magazine in it. Heck, my home is a better place with it in it. I used to look forward to curling up to read VegNews every month with a blanket and a cup of hot tea. Great photography, the latest scoop on new vegan products and places, fantastic interviews, tasty recipes and a whole lot of good food for thought. It’s truly one of a kind.

If anyone needs to reach out with any concerns or questions, they can write to: readers @ vegnews dot com. And if anyone is interested in viewing a free online issue of VegNews Magazine, I’ve provided link to one on the My Vegan Journal Coupon Page.  Enjoy!

Welcome Back, VegNews!!!