vegan cardamon sugar cookies & a super sweet and vibrant fresh fruit & kale smoothie!

I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with “Glitter and be Gay” from Candide, but it’s a really beautiful aria that goes clear off into the stratosphere of the coloratura soprano range. I was supposed to sing it at a vocal audition today and just couldn’t get that last crazy high note this afternoon, so I cancelled. (Darn you, Kristin Chenoweth! lol)

Feeling like a big 98 pound blob (yes, that is possible), I moped around the house complaining that I was cold and wanted something warm and sweet. Since I’ve stopped buying most “convenience” foods, the best my husband could offer me was “microwaved sorbet.” Umm, thanks but NO thanks, hubby! “A” for creative thinking though…well, maybe more like an “A minus”.

So I decided to whip up some cookies really quickly… I noticed there was an old sugar cookie recipe on the fridge, so I used it to get the proper ratios between sugar & flour, and then pretty much just winged the rest. I substituted “Ener-G Egg Replacer” for the “egg” and used coconut milk for the little bit of liquid it required. I usually use vanilla almond milk, but we were out of it. In lieu of butter, I used “Earth Balance Buttery Spread”, which is vegan.

The point is, just take your favorite sugar cookie recipe and adapt it. Here’s a list of “egg replacers” and here’s a picture of “earth balance buttery spread” so you can find it in the store. Smart Balance Light Original with Flax (marked VEGAN on the tub) works too. And then add whatever spices or flavors you want. I chose a dash of cardamon, but I bet “pumpkin spice” or even a little cocoa powder would be tasty too!

In the mood for something a little healthier? Make a vegan smoothie! I made one yesterday with organic dinosaur kale, baby spinach, frozen raspberries, cherries & blackberries, a fresh banana, green apple, almond butter, a little flaxseed meal & vanilla almond milk. You don’t need a recipe! Just throw a bunch of healthy fruits, veggies, nut milks & nut butters together and give it a whirl! You don’t need a fancy blender either! Just remove any large stalks from the kale leaves and you can munch on those while you’re blending!

P.S. Happy Presidents Day! (how awesome is it that Clinton is vegan??!) and a very happy kick off to National Justice for Animals Week! I’m going to be volunteering for a few days at the National Animal Law Competition. Even if you can’t make it to an event to help out, just remember, EVERY vegan meal you eat helps the animals tremendously. I thank you… and the animals thank you too! Compassion for ALL! Whoohooo! …and now back to my sweet, warm cookies!