Trader Joe’s Debuts Vegan Birthday Cake Popcorn and Other Fun Food for Fall! [by Jackie Day]

Get ready to fall in love with these vegan goodies at Trader Joe’s!

Vegan Pumpkin Joe Joe’s, Pumpkin O’s, Ghosts & Bats Crispy Potato Snacks, Fall Zucchette Pasta, Harvest Chili, and canned Organic Pumpkin for making homemade pumpkin pie!

There’s a new vegan Birthday Cake Popcorn, complete with little colored sprinkles on the popped corn!

And, vegan Candy Corn Popcorn, too!

But honestly, I think one of my favorite new items for the fall is Trader Joe’s vegan Miso Ramen Soup. (It’s even emblazoned with the word “VEGAN” on it, too!)

It’s selling like hot cakes; seriously! The new, super convenient vegan soup is often sold out, or sometimes there’s just a few left.

I added a little chopped tofu & a handful of spinach to kick it up a notch.

There’s also a new fall themed vegan beverage for those who partake: Ace Pumpkin Hard Cider.

No isinglass (fish bladders) in here! My husband says it’s good, but prefers Ace’s pineapple version. As for me, I love hot apple cider!


Heads up that there IS a Trader Joe’s Halloween Candy called: Halloween Gummies, that’s thankfully gelatin-free (no boiled hooves, bones or tendons, hurray!).

However, the sugar is NOT bone-char free, which, as I mention in The Vegan Way, means they use bones to make the sugar ghost white. So, I’ll leave it up to you as to where you draw the line.

Is it perfect candy? Nope.  Better than traditional gelatin-filled gummies? You bet!

There’s new Tortilla Chips, made with brussels sprouts, garlic, onion and parsley! And the good ole’ Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Mix is back, too.

And don’t forget, Trader Joe’s is BURSTING with scrumptious squashes at this time of year! I just baked a big, beautiful, organic butternut squash (for less than 2 bucks!) and it was delicious.  SO healthy (packed with antioxidants!).

I’ve also boiled cubed butternut squash and made a soup simply by puréeing it with a little Miyoko’s Vegan Butter (also at TJ’s!) and a few dashes of garlic salt.


A whole food plant based diet is best, so the more whole foods – like squash – you can eat, the better!

Do you know what else makes me super happy? It’s the start of apple season! I love fresh apples! (packed with fiber, they fill you up and give your insides a well-deserved work out!)

Speaking of apples, Trader Joe’s has a new Honeycrisp Candle – which doesn’t contain any beeswax.  There’s a sweet smelling Pumpkin Vanilla Candle, too! I usually burn a little candle when I write.  So relaxing… I have one burning on my desk right now.  Aaaaahhh…

Happy fall, y’all! It’s so easy to be vegan!

Jackie Day, vegan for 30+ years and author of the bestseller The Vegan Way: 21 Days to a Happier, Healthier Plant-Based Lifestyle That Will Transform Your Home, Your Diet, and You (St. Martin’s Press / Macmillan).