The Vegan Way by Jackie Day

The Vegan Way Jackie DayThe Vegan Way is a book filled with everything Jackie Day has learned as a happy vegan, a health educator, and author of the popular vegan blog, My Vegan Journal.

A lifestyle guide that’s a real game-changer, The Vegan Way is for those who are intimidated by going vegan overnight, but don’t want the transition to stretch out for months or even years.

In a 21 day plan that emphasizes three core reasons for going vegan—being as healthy as you can be, being compassionate to animals, and respecting our planet—Jackie provides inspiration along with a specific goal to achieve each day with all of the support you need to accomplish it. It might be something as simple as switching out your coffee creamer for almond milk or as daunting as kicking the cheese habit.

Readers will learn where to dine and what to order when eating out, the most vegan-friendly places to visit, how to avoid clothing made from animals, and how to decipher those pesky ingredients lists. And throughout, Jackie provides glimpses into the finer points of vegan living, giving readers something to aspire to as they get past Vegan 101. Readers will also find a handful of easy and delicious recipes sprinkled throughout. 

The Vegan Way is a road map that puts positive thoughts about health, the environment, and animals into action, transforming your life into a vibrant, healthy, and compassionate one.

Praise for The Vegan Way

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“As the health benefits of a whole foods, plant-based diet become increasingly apparent in medical literature, many Americans may be wondering where they should begin to get on the path to long-lasting health and wellness. Jackie Day’s book provides a perfect starting point, with recipes, research, inspirational quotes, and daily goals as resources. Through her step-by-step approach in The Vegan Way, readers can experiment in the kitchen, learn about the limitations of our current food system, and be inspired to improve the health of their families, and the planet. It is a wonderful book that illustrates how positively life-changing a transition to a plant-based way of eating can be.”

~ Neal Barnard, MD, President of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

The Vegan Way is like having a friendly non-judgmental vegan friend by your side to help you every step of the way as you blossom into a happier, healthier being. So inspiring!”

~ Pamela Anderson

“When you feel like you’re hitting a bump in the road to vegan, there’s always a dash of comfort and inspiration here to keep you moving along.  I only wish I had this book decades ago!”

~ Moby

“This goes well beyond diet … This book is a comprehensive guide to anyone looking to switch to a plant-based life.”

~ Booklist (American Library Association)

“Activist and first-time author Day, who is passionate about animal welfare, explains everything readers ever wanted to know about living the vegan lifestyle and sprinkles in some appetizing recipes. At an early age, Day realized that she could no longer continue hurting animals by eating them and began her mission of following a way of life that satisfied her ethical principles. Writing in a playful and upbeat fashion, Day guides her readers through a day-by-day approach to living vegan, providing them the incentive to make the switch from eating meat, eggs, and dairy to enjoying plant-based cuisine. If her slew of suggestions—vegan-friendly fast-food restaurants, “cruelty-free” cosmetics, and vegan beer—do not convince, then surely the catalog of vegan-friendly airports and vegan-conscious leisure activities will validate Day’s central claim: that being a vegan is both practical and fun. For those interested in becoming acquainted with “the vegan way,” this book marvelously succeeds.”

~ Publishers  Weekly

“We love The Vegan Way! It should be on everyone’s bookshelf!”

~ People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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The Vegan Way, by Jackie Day, is available on Amazon, and at bookstores and libraries nationwide!

Check it out and spread the word! Ready? Set? Go Vegan!