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10 [ vegan ] Things to be Happy About Right Now

ShareWriting about Ellen DeGeneres’ transgression from vegan to selling animal parts last week was more than a bit of a downer. I know sometimes folks slide backwards if they’re just in it to improve their health, or to protect our environment (both great reasons, btw!), but when people go vegan because they make the connection and don’t want to harm… Read more →

Making Vegan Enchiladas… because now we have cheese that actually melts!

ShareYou’d think after being a vegan for over 20 years I would have made vegan enchiladas before considering how much I enjoy cooking and how much I love Mexican food! However, it’s only recently that we’ve had vegan cheese available that actually tastes good and melts! So alas, the time has come… I didn’t have a recipe, but I figured… Read more →

The “Wegan” Pizza Flyer

Share For months now, we’ve been arriving at home to find weekly flyers from a local mom & pop pizza joint hanging from our front door nob. The restaurant touts a wide array of veggie toppings, as well as the usual “meat” lovers’ selections and sides. Everything from ribs and chicken wings, to salads, “wegan” cheese and cheesecake. Definitely not… Read more →