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VegNews Magazine’s Legal Battle is Over! Publication Resumes!

ShareHere’s a little bit of good news for folks like me who really missed their monthly delivery of VegNews Magazine! After a long legal battle between the magazine’s two co-founders, Colleen Holland has created a new company called Fresh Healthy Media, and now owns all assets of VegNews Magazine.  And it’s up and running again! Holland acknowledged the lack of… Read more →

Sad Day for Ducks! Judge Overturns Foie Gras Ban in California – Tubes, Force-Feeding & Expanding Livers from Out-of-State Producers Ruled A-OK

ShareIt’s a sad day for ducks and geese. You know – ducks and geese – the ones most of us fed breadcrumbs to as a kid.  The ones who float around on a lake, or stream, and stick their cute feathered bottoms up in the air when they dip their heads down into the water. The ones who in the… Read more →

National Geographic Photographer Arrested while taking Pictures of Cows on Factory Farm

Share This STINKS! George Steinmetz, a freelance photographer who has covered over 31 stories for National Geographic, was arrested for “trespass,” along with his assistant, while shooting aerial photographs for a series of stories on food issues that will appear in the magazine next year. Guess what he was taking pictures of? Cows on a factory farm feedlot in Kansas.… Read more →

Stores busted for selling REAL fur despite being labeled “Faux”

Share BREAKING NEWS TONIGHT: A Southern California news station broadcasted their undercover investigation of stores which claimed to sell “faux” fur. Salespeople at stores, which included Burlington Coat Factory, Ross, and Loehmann’s, ALL asserted that items labeled “faux fur” were NOT real fur… but a fur expert took the items apart and confirmed that despite the label, they ARE real… Read more →