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Yummy Vegan Cupcakes

Share I’m eating lots of organic fruits and veggies tonight to make up for my mid~afternoon indulgence. I had a scrumptious vegan chocolate~chocolate cupcake from Yummy Cupcakes this afternoon. Yummy Cupcakes has several locations throughout Southern California and each bakery usually has at least two vegan cupcakes to choose from. So far I’ve tried chocolate~chocolate, vanilla~vanilla, french toast, snickerdoodle, coconut,… Read more →

If a picture speaks a thousand words, here’s 3,000!

Share I couldn’t resist. One picture just doesn’t do justice to this fabulous Vegan Carnival Cake that I found at Follow Your Heart! So here are three! While finishing up my Lorenzo’s Tofu Eggwich (A Grilled Scrambled Tofu Pattie, Tomato and *Pastrami* Wheatmeat, with Avocado and Vegenaise on a Homemade English Muffin!! Mmmm!) I asked the waitress if there were… Read more →