Stealing Shoes from Kangaroos

The 18th Annual Animal Law Conference kicked off with a beautiful Welcome Reception & Keynote Address by Katrina Sharman at The Gerding Theater in Portland, Oregon. I knew from the moment we walked into the event that the entire weekend was going to be spectacular.

All of the free flowing wines, beers & hors d’oeuvres were vegan, the venue had a classy yet cultured vibe, and the speaker as eloquent and passionate as can be.

Ms. Sharman is an attorney for Voiceless, the Animal Protection Institute located in Australia. She gave a heart wrenching account of how animals such as kangaroos are are currently being slaughtered by the millions every year to supply the international trade in kangaroo leather and meat. This mass killing is the largest human massacre of terrestrial wildlife on the planet. Shoe companies such as Adidas, Nike, and Reebok buy kangaroo skins to use as leather in their products and sell them throughout the United States.

Ms. Sharman explained that the adult Kangaroos are shot in the head, and if there are any babies, they are legally required to club them to death. The killers and lawmakers justify the brutal slaughter of the young by asserting it’s better than just leaving them to starve without a mother in the wilderness. I bet most people don’t even realize the shoes they’re wearing are likely a direct product of such cruelty. Yet another reason to buy vegan shoes. You can easily find them online; I recently bought cruelty free hiking boots from Columbia Sportswear. Other convenient stores that sell vegan shoes are Target and Payless Shoes. There’s really no need to steal your shoes from Kangaroos. Please be kind. Hop to your nearest shoe store and buy shoes that are comfortable for everyone.

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October 14-16, 2011
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