Jackie’s Vegan Tri~Colored Pasta, Kale, Black Bean, Orange Bell & Avocado Salad!

If you’re new to being vegan, or have been vegan for decades like me and just need something quick & yummy for lunch, try making a healthy vegan pasta salad!

Here’s all you do!

Pick your favorite pasta (I used a colorful fusilli pasta) and boil it until it’s just about done.

Then simply add whatever colorful chopped veggies you have handy into the water and cook for about 2 more minutes, keeping them bright and al dente. “Al dente” literally means “to the tooth” indicating that it will give some resistance when biting. The less mushy your vegetables, the more likely they’ll hold on to their nutrients.

For this pasta salad, I added chopped onions, orange bell peppers, broccoli and red kale. (btw, did you know kale is super high in beta carotene, vitamins K & C as well as calcium! I love kale!).

After cooking, drain and place in a bowl. Then add black beans for your delicious protein, and a chopped avocado for some healthy, and oh so tasty, fat! (Yes, we really DO need some fat. Just not animal fat!)

Add your favorite dressing, or
(my favorite dressing!), stir it all up, chill for a bit and serve! Quick and easy. Healthy and yummy. And most importantly, cruelty free.

For another tasty version of this pasta salad, check out my bowtie pasta salad!

Bon Vegan Appétit!

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