If a picture speaks a thousand words, here’s 3,000!

I couldn’t resist. One picture just doesn’t do justice to this fabulous Vegan Carnival Cake that I found at Follow Your Heart! So here are three!

While finishing up my Lorenzo’s Tofu Eggwich (A Grilled Scrambled Tofu Pattie, Tomato and *Pastrami* Wheatmeat, with Avocado and Vegenaise on a Homemade English Muffin!! Mmmm!) I asked the waitress if there were any vegan desserts today and she said “Yes, there’s lots of them!” And she wasn’t kiddin’!

They had chocolate vanilla cake, chocolate raspberry cake, mocha layered cake, carrot cake, cheesecake… the vegan choices went on and on.Cake But the cake that won my heart (and then my tummy!) was the Carnival Cake! I had never heard of a Carnival Cake before! It’s a fusion of orange, vanilla & chocolate cake embedded with layers of creamy frosting with fresh kiwis & strawberries all packaged up in the most beautiful sweet pink lemon frosting! Best cake EVER!

And to think some formerly vegan actress recently said she couldn’t satisfy her sweet tooth… WhatEVER.

Follow Your Heart
21825 Sherman Way
Canoga Park, CA 91303
(818) 348-3240
Press #1 to hear their scrumptious daily specials!

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