How to “Veganize” a One Dollar Box of Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix!

I popped into the Dollar Tree store on the way home and found a box of Duncan Hines Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix for only… you guessed it, one dollar! I prefer to make baked goods from scratch, but I know some people are short on time and cash, so cookie & cake mixes can come in handy! For me, it was the appeal of it being a vegan mix that I had never seen before that got me. So for one buck, I decided to take it home and “veganize” the “suggested” egg & butter and make some cookies!

When I got home, I cleared about 20 lbs of fresh organic veggies from the table and made room for mixin’! It was super easy, too! Instead of stealing an egg from a bird, I simply used “EnerG Egg Replacer” mixed with a bit of water, and I used a heaping tablespoon of “Earth Balance Buttery Spread” in lieu of dairy butter.

If you don’t have EnerG Egg Replacer handy, smushed bananas or applesauce may work well too. I’ve used those to replace eggs in cakes and cupcakes before. Also, if you don’t have easy access to Earth Balance, you can use Smart Balance Original Light with Flax. It’s also vegan (clearly labeled on the tub) and pretty easy to find at most grocery stores. There are several different types though, so just make sure to get Original Light with Flax.

After mixing in a handful of chopped walnuts, I scooped the dough onto the cookie sheet, baked for about 10 minutes and voila… a baker’s dozen of warm and gooey vegan chocolate chip cookies! From a one dollar box of Duncan Hines! Easy as pie! Piece of Cake! Yummy, compassionate cookies!

Ok, time to go do something with that giant box of “Farm Fresh to You” organic veggies! Gotta make up for eating these not~so~good~for~me~but~ SCRUMPTIOUS ~warm~and~gooey~vegan~cookies!

Have a peaceful & cozy evening, everyone!

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”
~ Ernestine Ulmer

  1 comment for “How to “Veganize” a One Dollar Box of Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix!

  1. Jessica
    December 22, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    are the chocolate chips in the mix vegan? Most of these mixes have milk chocolate chips in them making them not vegan at all..

    Hi Jessica! Yes, the chips in this mix were vegan – but you’re right – a lot of chocolate chips are not vegan, so it’s always best to double check! Btw, Trader Joe’s has vegan chocolate chips too!

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