Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo can Keep Its Name, says FDA!

just mayo lawsuitHampton Creek just scored big today, along with the animals, the environment and global health too! The company, which continues to expand at a momentous speed, hit a bump in the road when it received a warning letter from the FDA last August. The agency believed Hampton Creek was misleading consumers by labeling their eggless product “Just Mayo” because mayonnaise is supposed to contain eggs. According to the FDA’s definition, mayonnaise must contain:

“Liquid egg yolks, frozen egg yolks, dried egg yolks, liquid whole eggs, frozen whole eggs, dried whole eggs, or any one or more of the foregoing ingredients listed in this paragraph with liquid egg white or frozen egg white.”


Thankfully Hampton Creek’s CEO Josh Tetrick is brimming with charm, tenacity, and most importantly: all around smarts. He managed to negotiate a way to make everyone happy. Just Mayo will keep its name with the understanding that “Just” is emphasized as the adjective that describes “guided by reason, justice and fairness.”  It’s a spread that isn’t “only” a Mayo, it’s a Just Mayo. Do resolutions get any more beautiful than that? It’s brilliant, and heartwarming.

Just Mayo FDA

In the words of Tetrick,

“Our outdated food system is the thread running through much of what’s broken—from diabetes to food deserts to the decline of our family farms. From Birmingham to Boston, folks don’t believe good food for everyone is possible. But today’s decision by a thoughtful group at our nation’s FDA proves it is possible.”

It sure does!  Justice prevails, y’all!