Hampton Creek Expands From Tiny 300 Square Foot Apt to 93,000 Sq. Ft. Headquarters in Just 3 1/2 Years

Hampton Creek Headquarters

Hampton Creek, known for their controversial (but delicious!) eggless Just Mayo, has just expanded their headquarters to a new 93,000 square foot space – proof that despite the American Egg Board’s efforts to hinder Hampton Creek’s growth, the company continues to expand at a momentous, unprecidented speed.


The expansion comes on the heels of brokering a deal to become the exclusive supplier of baking mixes and dressings to food service giant Compass Group. By replacing animal products with plants, Hampton Creek has developed a way to make food healthier, less expensive and easier on the environment, while keeping the taste on par with what consumers are accustomed to; there are no surprises. The mayo tastes like your typical mayo, the cookie dough tastes like traditional cookie dough, and after millions of dollars, and years of research, I expect their upcoming Just Scramble to invoke the same solid consumer satisfaction. It’s the combo of being incredibly mainstream, along with providing solutions to modern day production problems, that makes Hampton Creek so appealing to the movers and shakers of the food industry.


just mayo lawsuitFrom the small start-up tinkerings in CEO, Josh Tetrick’s 300 square foot Los Angeles apartment, to a 93,000 square foot space in less than four years is no small feat. So remarkable in fact, that Hampton Creek has been pegged the fastest growing food company in the world.


Their success is a combined result of “starting over” with a clean, creative slate of ideas to produce food for mainstream America, void of the inherent cruelty and pollution of Big Ag and factory farming, while being fueled by a fierce consumer-driven demand for healthier, more sustainable food. Sounds like the perfect recipe for success to me. Congrats again, Hampton Creek!