Hampton Creek Announces 43 New Products!

hampton creek new productsWell, the moment we’ve been waiting for is here! Hampton Creek, creator of the infamous Just Mayo, just announced it’s rolling out 43 new plant based products – 38 of which are not mayo!

According to an article published today in Fortune Magazine, the new products include: mixes for brownies, cakes, pancakes, and muffins! And creamy, cruelty-free salad dressings too. We also got a glimpse of what the new Just Scramble will look like; it’s packed in a carton. Seems easy; just pour it in a pan, and scramble it up. No fuss, just the way Hampton Creek likes it.

As Hampton Creek’s founder Josh Tetrick always says, “It turns out that when you create a path that makes it easy for good people to do good things — they will do it.”

Look for the new products in Walmart and Target. And if 38 new vegan items on store shelves isn’t enough for you, don’t worry; they have more than 500 products in the pipeline. Yep! Plant based cheeses, breads, meat alternatives and more!   Watch out world! We are awake and we’re coming to save you!

Here’s to good health, a clean environment, compassion for all, and yummy, affordable food!