Grits is Good! Yet another quick & easy, warm & yummy vegan breakfast!

No matter how many times I say that title, it still sounds funny to me, but according to southerners “grits” is a singular, collective noun that takes a singular verb, so “Grits is Good!” it is! Ain’t that the berries!

Enough with the english language, back to food!

Grits makes for yet another yummy vegan breakfast you can enjoy if you’re short on time, on a tight budget or just feel like some home cookin’ comfort food from the South! They’re made from ground corn or hominy and can be found in most grocery stores near the oatmeal. I generally use quick grits (sacrilegious to true southerners) which takes only about 5 minutes to make, but you can also buy traditional grits which takes closer to 40 minutes to cook.

I usually make my grits with almond milk, but most people just use water and a pinch of salt. Then you just have to decided if you’re in a sweet or savory mood.

I’m usually in a sweet mood in the morning (really, I am! haha) and usually top my grits off with a dollop of vegan butter (Smart Balance Light Original with Flax or Earth Balance) and then drizzle a bit of agave or a spoonful of brown sugar on top. Sometimes I’ll add blueberries or bananas too.

Not into sweets? You could try adding Tempeh Bacon and Daiya Vegan Cheese, or I’ve even heard of people putting ratatouille on grits. You can even pour cooked grits into a baking pan, chill for an hour and then slice & fry them up in a skillet for “Fried Grits.” Or keep it simple with a dash of pepper and nutritional yeast. The variations are limitless.

Obviously, if you’re a huge greasy dead-animal-eating breakfast type of person, grits would be a GREAT breakfast to switcharoo for your morning heart~attack meal. But if you’re a long term, health conscious vegan, you probably shouldn’t make grits an everyday staple in your diet since they’re not very nutrient dense. Mine are only fortified with a bit of B vitamins and iron, so you’ll get most of your nutrition from whatever you cook with your grits (i.e. my almond milk has LOTS of B12 and calcium in it).

For a quick warm & cozy vegan breakfast every now and then, they’re really wonderful!! I love em’! Mmmm Hmmm!

Happy Vegan Month of Food!

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