Fiending Daifuku

Say what?! Daifuku! It’s vegan and I love it!

Daifuku is a sweet & squishable round looking treat that’s a ball of mochi stuffed with sweet red bean paste. You can find them in many Asian markets and if you’re craving a sweet treat, they really hit the spot. I was shopping in Trader Joe’s today and craving daifuku so I dashed into the Asian market across the way and bought a few. SO yummy!

Not familiar with Mochi?

Traditionally, it’s polished rice which is soaked overnight, cooked, then pounded with wooden mallets in a mortar. As one person pounds the mochi, another person turns it over while adding water to keep it moist.

It can also be prepared from a sweet rice flour called “mochiko.”

Apparently there’s also a a version of mochi that’s called Ichigo daifuku – it’s prepared with a whole strawberry inside. Keeping my eyes open for that one! Although, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to ask for one properly! I don’t even say mochi correctly. I say “moo~chee” like smoochie, but it’s supposed to be “moe~kee” like pokey!

Regardless, it’s delicious and I’m eating one!

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