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I decided to create a page for vegan coupons & promotions! There always seems to be something vegan & yummy going on at a good price! The coupons & freebies are good at the time of posting, but I have no idea if they’ll be available after that – so grab em’ while you can!

First UP: Here’s a Beyond Meat Beyond Burger Coupon! Good through the end of the year! Whoohooo!

If you read my review of the new So Delicious Cashew Milk “Ice Cream” desserts, you KNOW how much I love them! They can be a bit pricey at some stores though, so here’s a link to get a So Delicious Coupon!

So Delicious Coupons


beyond meat coupon


FREE Silk Almond Milk! They’re giving away 700 coupons for a free carton each day, but not sure how long it will last! Just worked for me though (Aaaww, snap. It’s over. If it happens again, I’ll do my best to let you know!)

Whole Foods Market Coupons (they vary from month to month)

$1 off for Gardein on their facebook page!

Here’s a FREE digital copy of the new August 2014 VegNews Magazine! The print copy is usually $5.99, and this is the first time they’re offering it for FREE, so check it out!


And a FREE digital copy of the April/May 2014 Vegetarian Times! Lots of vegan recipes as well as vegetarian recipes that can easily be “veganized!”

FREE VegNews Magazine


(more issues of Vegetarian Times posted below!)



Summer 2013 Chickpea Magazine Preview! Beautiful Vegan Quarterly magazine with lots of photos and recipes! Check out the CHICKPEA PREVIEW HERE (85 pages worth!) And if you scroll down this MVJ page, you’ll find another Chickpea Magazine to view too!

ZPizza Special Deal!! ZPizza makes a Vegan “Berkeley” Pizza -and they have lots of locations! If you sign up for their free ZTribe, they send you deals – including something special for your birthday! I just got 2 vegan pizzas for the price of 1 as my “birthday” deal and they gave me a full month to use it! Here’s the ZPizza link!


FREE digital download of the April/May 2013 issue of Vegetarian Times! There are always lots of vegan recipes and veggie recipes that are easy to “veganize” –> FREE DIGITAL COPY OF VEGETARIAN TIMES.

I can’t guarantee how long the following coupons will be available… but check em’ out!

Earthbound Farm posts 75 cents off coupons every few days on their website as part of their “take an organic step forward” promotion. I just used one today on a 3-pack of organic lettuce that was already on sale at “Sprouts” for 99 cents, so with the coupon, I got 3 heads of organic romaine lettuce for 24 cents! Makes me happy! Here’s the Earthbound Farms Website.

$2 off Amy’s Organic Pizza!! The Roasted Veggie one, without cheese, is super yummy! And Ralph’s has them on sale right now for $4.99, so with the coupon, that’s less than 3 bucks for a vegan pizza! Just go to the Amy’s Organic Facebook page for details!

Seattle’s Best Coffee currently has a $2 off coupon and this works on their organic coffee as well! They’re also giving away free samples via the mail, and a free cup of coffee on Black Friday too! These coupons come & go, but it’s worth a look! Here’s the link to their page for details!.

It also looks like the $1 off SILK coupon is working again now! I can usually find it on sale for $2.99 so combined with the coupon, that’s less than 2 bucks for a 1/2 gallon of almond milk! Here’s the LINK! And here’s my article regarding SILK being owned by Dean Foods: Why I’m not boycotting SILK

Gardein has a $1 off coupon for their frozen vegan products! Yes, they’re processed, but they’re awesome for those who need something vegan and yummy in a snap, and for those in transition! You can usually find them on sale for $3.99 a bag at Ralph’s – so with the coupon, you can get them for $2.99! I love combining coupons with sales! Here’s the link to the GARDEIN coupon!

Here’s what I posted previously (below)… you’re welcome to see what’s still available! Have a beautiful day! xoxo

$2 off of SILK – you just “register” and answer a few questions. Btw, SILK already emailed me another coupon within a few minutes of registering. Whoohoo! It’s only $1.99/quart at Ralph’s right now (10/23/12) so with a $2 coupon that’s FREE NON-GMO almond milk! btw, if the SILK coupons run out (I have no control over how long they’ll last) – here’s a coupon for Blue Diamond Almond Breeze.

The new Summer 2012 issue of Chickpea Magazine is out! And the digital copy of Chickpea Magazine is FREE! There are lots of nice stories, beautiful pictures and vegan recipes… including recipes for vegan pizza, natural sodas, simple sugars, vegan ice creams, and all sorts of ideas for picnics & camping snacks!

FREE Digital Issue of April/May 2012 Vegetarian Times! whoohoo! Check it out! There are lots of vegan recipes!

Mambo Sprouts Coupons” has some good coupons for tofu, nature’s path, earth balance, zevia drinks, Vega, oatmeal and other vegan items.
Here’s the link —> COUPONS

$2 off Peet’s Coffee! – btw, Peet’s also sells vegan cookies! Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip & Gingerbread! Check to see what day they have them delivered because they sell out quick! p.s. Starbuck’s Coffee Frappuccinos are Vegan if you ask for it to be made with soy milk! The “coffee” flavor has no whipped cream, but I always say “No whip please!” just to be extra sure!

Groupon has a deal right now for a “Big Boss Blender” – just check under the groupon “GOODS” section. I’ve never tried a big boss blender, but it looks like it might be good for a quick kale smoothie or some quick veggie chopping! (ok, well it looks like the “big boss” sold out, but you might want to see what else is there… there always seems to be something good for the kitchen!)

and Whole Foods Market has lots of vegan coupons! They vary from week to week, but right now (Summer 2012) they have coupons for Smart Dogs, Almond Milk and “Back to Nature” Chocolate Chunk Cookies (which don’t have palm oil in them ~ hurray!) and a few other vegan items: Whole Foods Market Coupons

and here’s a Dollar Off Gardein Coupon from their facebook page! They make delicious faux meats such as “Chick’n Scallopini” & “Ultimate Beefless Burgers.” (If you don’t see the coupon right now, check back frequently, because they post it often!)

and Target carries lots of vegan products too! Check out the Target Grocery Coupon Page… sometimes they have deals on vegan food! You can also have the coupons sent to your phone now so you don’t have to waste paper printing them out. Hurray!

If you like to wear nail polish, here’s how you can get a free bottle! Just follow THIS LINK and it will take you to ZOYA’s website, where you’ll find over 300 colors of vegan nail polish. By using that link to register, they’ll automatically put a code in your account for a free bottle (hopefully this still works – not sure if the promotion is still running!) Unfortunately, there’s still a shipping charge though… Zoya is always having lots of promotions, so keep your eyes open – they’ll usually say something about them on their facebook page. Here’s more info on the Zoya SURF Collection and more info on the Zoya BEACH Collection. And just a reminder – If you’re on a tight budget, both Wet & Wild Nail Polish (found in most drug stores) and E.L.F. nail polish (found at Target) are both vegan and cruelty free too! And super inexpensive!

I’ll try to post more coupons as I find them! and if you’re really in a bind for money, here’s a post I wrote about how to stay vegan when you’re close to flat broke: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Don’t forget to stay connected on the My Vegan Journal Facebook Page so you don’t miss any coupons when I find them! See ya there!

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