Trader Joe's Vegan Fall Food

Whoa! New Vegan Food For Fall Arrives At Trader Joe’s!

Share Trader Joe’s really knows how to pumpkin spice it up when October rolls around, and this year is no exception! Check out all of these new tasty treats, and the return of a few favorites, that are 100% vegan at Trader Joe’s! OK, first… the pumpkin and spice!   Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Mix Although Trader Joe’s… Read more →

Alpha Plant Based Foods Burrito

Top 10 Vegan Moments At Natural Products Expo East!

ShareReady to smile? Check out all of these vegan goodies and happy moments at this year’s Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore EVERYone is going VEGAN! MY TOP 10 VEGAN “MOMENTS” at Expo East!   PLANT BASED MILKS!     There’s an abundance of new and delicious plant based milks and every time I go to an expo I see more!… Read more →


5 Vegan Champagnes To Bring In The New Year Because No One Wants Dead Fish In Their Flute

ShareDid you know Champagne can only be labeled as such if it’s made in the Champagne region of France? That’s why you’ll find so many “Champagnes” are labeled as “Sparkling Wine.” Unless a winery received prior approval granted over a decade ago, these bubblies can’t just be labeled “Champagne.” If you want to label it as Champagne today, and it’s not… Read more →


New Vegan Food For Fall at Trader Joe’s!

ShareI enjoy shopping at Trader Joe’s throughout the year, but watching the annual debut of their vegan holiday fare always adds an extra element of excitement!  This year is no exception. I haven’t seen any vegan roasts, or fresh organic cranberries just yet (oh, how I love making fresh cranberry sauce!), but here’s a tidbit of what’s new and already… Read more →

baileys almond milk

Baileys Ditches Dairy With Their New Almond Milk Liqueur Due To Consumer Demand

ShareWell, here’s something to toast to! Baileys, makers of the infamous Baileys Irish Cream, has decided to ditch dairy milk in their latest creation and embrace a vegan addition instead: almond milk! The new liqueur is set to hit store shelves next month! Anxious to hear the “why” behind it all, I spoke with a representative at Baileys and was… Read more →

guiness vegan

After 256 years, Guinness Goes Vegan!

ShareAfter 256 years, Guinness is finally taking the fish out of their beer! For centuries, the Irish brewery used isinglass (aka: fish bladders!) to filter out yeast particles from their stouts. They’re currently in the process of installing a new filtration system at St James’s Gate brewery in Ireland, and once that’s complete, the beer will officially be fish-free, and 100%… Read more →