5 things I thought you should know… right now.


I’m not sure if you’ve been following the story about “Tony” the tiger, but in a nutshell, a beautiful tiger named Tony has been stuck in a small cement and steel enclosure as a roadside “attraction” in Louisiana for over 10 years. He just paces all day long, back and forth, back and forth. It’s just horrible.

Thankfully, the Animal Legal Defense Fund has been working diligently to free Tony through litigation in the Louisiana Court System. In a triumphant victory, the trial court ruled to set Tony free, but two days ago the Court of Appeals vacated the permanent injunction issued by the trial court that would have freed Tony this December because it ruled that two additional parties were supposed to be named in the suit. Ugh! While ALDF is amending its complaint, here’s something we ALL can do to help tigers like Tony, and it takes less than 3 minutes!

So put down that vegan cupcake and green smoothie for a second and please help…
Here’s what we can do!

There are an estimated 5,000 – 10,000 captive tigers throughout the U.S., most of which are undocumented because they are considered “generic”, (unlike purebred tigers in zoos) and thus excluded from regulation due to a loophole. People who “own” tigers like Tony are virtually unregulated. However, The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is accepting comments on a proposed change in the regulation that would eliminate the exemption for “generic” tigers. If this new rule is approved, ALL tigers in the country, not just purebred, would be better regulated and people who own tigers would be required to report annually on the number of tigers they have in captivity and on activities involving the tigers.

Please COMMENT ON PROPOSED RULE to close the loophole and voice your SUPPORT to eliminate the exemption for “generic” tigers. It’s really quick and easy to do! The tigers would comment, but they can’t, so we need to be a voice for them.


On a brighter note, Native Foods is having a super awesome Labor Day Weekend Special! Chimichurri Burgers!!

So what in the heck is a Chimichurri Burger?? Homemade thinly sliced seitan, topped with warm grilled zucchini slices, sweet roasted peppers, caramelized onions and freshly blended chimichurri sauce. Serived with garlic fries and a veggie crudite skewer with extra chimi sauce to churri! Sounds good to me! If you want to read more about Native Foods, check out my blog post covering their big Culver City Grand Opening Bash! I love Native Foods!


As you may have heard it’s the very LAST DAY to vote for the 2011 VegNews Veggie Awards!. Do you have a favorite veggie burger? A favorite vegan bakery or vegan cheese? Even if you don’t, you might want to check out the ballot to see all of the wonderful choices to choose from!

It’s really fantastic. We’ve come a long way from plain white tofu, that’s for sure! Whoohooo! VegNews is also giving away prizes to lucky winners just for casting a vote 🙂

4) FORKS OVER KNIVES just came out on Netflix! Yippeeee! And the companion book is a NY Times Best Seller for the 7th consecutive week!


Finally, I thought you should know that I’m eating a very scrumptious and LARGE vegan chocolate chip cookie from Cinnaholic! It is very verrrrrry satisfying! Man, oh, man I love that bakery! Here’s my cookie… Mmmm! Have a great evening everyone!

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